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Can you make a million bucks in the house cleaning business?

Can you make a million bucks in the house cleaning business?

7 steps to control costs which affect your gross income potential

Licensure and government grades to enhance maid agency regulation

Singapore maid agencies must meet new quality measures from consumers and the government to renew licenses.

3 Ways My Business is Better Today Than a Year Ago

Major change requires checking progress and making adjustments as needed.

5 Tips to Prepare for Retirement on a Shoestring

Millennials unprepared for retirement; majority want alternative retirement savings options.

7 Standards to Help BSCs Reduce Supply Costs

How building service contractors reduce supply costs for themselves and their clients.

3 Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line Without New Clients

Don’t get stuck selling only your lowest-profit services; here are three ways to make more money without gaining any new clients.

What's the Average Cleaning Bill in Your State?

ServiceMonster Releases Aggregate Residential Invoice Data

Top 5 Businesses Hit By Negative Cleaning Reviews

Poll Reveals 85 percent of Americans Would Not Patronize a Business with Negative Online Reviews about Its Cleanliness

Harness the Power of Brand Recognition [Infographic]

The best marketers know that brand recognition is the secret ingredient for a company's long-term success.

The Nine Most Common "Accounts" You Should Know About

Contract cleaners are often pretty good at what they do, getting new clients, and building their businesses. But all too often they stumble when it comes to taking care of the "accounts."

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