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10 Tips on Safe Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishing can be complicated and many cleaning professionals overlook the fact that it can also be dangerous.

Don’t Pout About Dirty Grout, Part 2 of 2

Exploring “natural” grout cleaning methods

Small Problems that Become Big Issues

Find their pain and fix it. Rinse and Repeat.

Don’t Pout About Dirty Grout

Clean grout is well worth the effort for the value it adds to your clients’ perception of a clean home.

Elevate Your Effectiveness: Shelf Life Considerations

Observing the "best if used by" date on your cleaning supplies could save you time and money.

Six Ways to Save with Smarter Cleaning

Simple cleaning tips to save your facility time, money and ensure a consistent level of clean

Speeding Up Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning fees are based on the amount of area cleaned, so the faster a job can be completed, the more profitable it is.

New Clean Standard for Commercial and Institutional Facilities

ISSA has published a new and updated standard for measuring "clean" that goes beyond "sight, smell, and touch."

Cleaning Business Today Acquires Two Brands

CBT to expand reach with prosumer website brands

Maid Service of Aurora-Naperville Relies on ProTeam Backpack Vacuums

Saving time, creating happy customers, and making more money with backpack vacuums.

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