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Carpet Cleaner Wins Suit Against Yelp

Carpet Cleaner Wins Suit Against Yelp

“The Virginia statute makes the judge a gatekeeper..."

Surface and Safe Cleaning Choices Grow Every Year – Are You Keeping Up?

New materials for homes and businesses create new cleaning challenges for technicians, while old cautions against the use of acidic cleaners and rinses gain a stronger voice.

Getting Your Business - and Yourself - Ready for a New Leader

Every business owner leaves the helm, passes the baton, or just plain retires. So how do you plan for that event?

Workhorse Vacuum Outperforming the Competition

Workhorse Vacuum Outperforming the Competition

The CleanMax Zoom 200 gets the job done more effectively and without costing hundreds of dollars more.

Cleaning Tip: Holiday Food Spills in the Car

Cleaning Tip: Holiday Food Spills in the Car

If you can't prevent food spills from spoiling in the car, use these tips to gently de-odorize and clean them.

5 Holiday Marketing Strategies

5 Holiday Marketing Strategies

Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you. Plan your marketing strategy now…and make sure you’ve got the staff to handle the rush.

Download: Best Practices in Sustainable Vacuuming

8 tips for vacuuming that extend the life of carpet and help protect the health of building occupants.

Infographic - Pet Hair Removal: Tips of the Trade

"Pet owners love their pets, but not the hair," said Derek Christian, owner and founder of My Maid Service. "We've discovered some tips that work really well."

What's your owner exit strategy?

Buying or selling a business is a huge decision.

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