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Jeff Haden: busting The Motivation Myth

Jeff Haden: busting The Motivation Myth

Best-selling author and Inc. columnist on how super-successful people overcome obstacles and stay focused

Now is a good time to fix mistakes in overtime and minimum wage payments

New PAID program from US Department of Labor gives employers a second chance to get their reporting right.

Knowing the math of hiring and retaining talent in the cleaning industry

There’s a lot of variance in the cost of turnover.

Marcus Sheridan to speak at 2018 ISSA Leadership Summit

Ghostwriter, speaker, LinkedIn Influencer, contributing editor to Inc., and the author of The Motivation Myth to shake things up in Tuscon this April

Michigan based cleaning company jump starts their business in 2018

Julie Vincent and Katie Postema of Coastal Clean on the challenges and adventure that are Foundations of Success



ARCSI leadership event to feature top business speakers

ARCSI leadership event to feature top business speakers

2018 ISSA Leadership Summit, April, 19-21, brings in major talent with messages to turbocharge your CEO skills

Four tips for getting the most out of the ProVac backpack vacuum

How to get the maximum versatility and performance from the ProVac

Buffalo NY cleaning business owner wins in Las Vegas without placing a bet

Diva4Maid wins ProVac FS 6 from ProTeam in drawing at ARCSI lounge

An interview with Nina Fenwick of Raleigh Cleaning Company

How the Foundations of Success program paid for itself "tenfold"

An interview with Ben Ferris of Rain City Maids

How Foundations of Success is jump starting Seattle's premier cleaning service

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Deep Dive: Dealing with Theft

Deep Dive: Dealing with Theft

Many cleaning companies are confronted with theft accusations. How these complex situations are handled can be crucial to ongoing success.

Can you make a million bucks in the house cleaning business?

7 steps to control costs which affect your gross income potential

Top 15 Stories of CBT’s Third Year

Even as we’re planning articles more than halfway through our fourth year, we reflect on the new shape of the cleaning industry in the past year.

12 Cleaning Upsells for 12 Months

Upselling to your current customers is easier, less expensive and more profitable than relying only on new customers to raise your revenue. Part 1 of 2.

9 Questions with a Cleaning Business Insurance Expert

What you don't know about business insurance for the cleaning industry could save you a lot of time and money.

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5 interview questions and tips you probably aren’t using and should

5 interview questions and tips you probably aren’t using and should

Some out of the box questions for job applicants - by Nancy Friedman

How to track results in your cleaning business

The measurements, software, and systems needed to gauge marketing productivity by your office staff

How to compete with large companies as a small cleaning company owner

it should be your priority to get your company on the first page of search results and keep it there.

IRS issues new guidelines for tax withholding

Feb. 15, 2018 deadline looms for employers

How to work with your spouse without killing each other

Natura Clean owner Kris Koenig looks back on a year of working through differences to strengthen both her marriage and her business.





JustMop sweeps into the middle east

Online marketplace created by former Rocket Internet employees

All Set cleaning app backed by Liberty Mutual

Insurance giant and others fund on-demand home services startup to the tune of $14.5 million

Angie’s List brings the hammer down on non-advertisers

Additional changes to will fundamentally alter your relationship with the company. - by Derek Christian

Handy insider decries loss of client-customer interaction

Former contractor shines light on the underbelly of the “sharing community”

How the changes to Angie’s List will affect your cleaning business

Tech giant to introduce 3 levels of membership and a significant change in how ads will display

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An interview with Kristen Hadeed of Student Maid

An interview with Kristen Hadeed of Student Maid

Derek Christian speaks with Kristen Hadeed about her new book and the lessons she learned in building Student Maid.

Happy Flu Year to Me

Amy Thomas of Eastside Housecleaning on getting business done when you're short-staffed and down for the count

Easterseals' gala honors Kaivac as outstanding community partner

Easterseals' Outstanding Community Partner Award is presented to a person or a company that has taken steps to remove barriers and provide opportunities for people with disabilities, facing disadvantages, and veterans.

ACI Convention charity events to benefit “Clean the World”

2018 ACI Convention to feature charity duck race, golf tourney, hygiene kit

Permission to Screw Up - by Kristen Hadeed

Founder and CEO of Student Maid releases ground-breaking book; read an excerpt here on CBT.

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3 Tips about retirement

3 Tips about retirement

Insights on how to prepare for retirement especially for business owners

ISSA launches DEAL

ISSA launches DEAL

Program helps businesses reduce costs and be environmentally responsible

Who and what should dictate cleaning product pricing?

How to avoid a never-ending price war with your competitors

Licensure and government grades to enhance maid agency regulation

Singapore maid agencies must meet new quality measures from consumers and the government to renew licenses.

3 Ways My Business is Better Today Than a Year Ago

Major change requires checking progress and making adjustments as needed.

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5 ways to protect your family during flu season (infographic)

5 ways to protect your family during flu season (infographic)

Quick tips for your cleaning business customers in a shareable infographic

New Oregon law requires cleaning service providers to be licensed

New Oregon law requires cleaning service providers to be licensed

Law targets sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Seven cost saving sustainability ideas for 2018

Seven cost saving sustainability ideas for 2018

Cost savings is fast becoming one of the key reasons businesses now adopt sustainability programs.

ServiceMonster announces partnership with SoftWash Systems

ServiceMonster announces partnership with SoftWash Systems

The integration extends ServiceMonster’s CRM and marketing automation capabilities to SoftWash Systems users.

Avmor expanding south of the border

Avmor expanding south of the border

Canada's largest cleaning products manufacturer enters US market

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